Ben's Literary Aspirations

  1. Launched the Library Company (1731)
    • Nation's first library

  1. The Pennsylvania Gazette
  2. Poor Richard's Almanac~
    1. Wrote under the name Richard Saunders
  3. printer for newspaper at only age 12
  4. 1729: became owner of Pennsylvania Gazette.

Benjamin Franklin~The Fireman
  1. first Firehouse of Philadelphia
  2. helped organized Philadelphia's Union Fire Company
  3. Help people get fire insurance- Philadelphia Contribution for Insurance Against Loss by Fire

The Life of Benjamin Franklin

  1. Born in Boston, January 17, 1706
  2. 10th kid out of the Franklin Family's 17
  3. Founding Father of The United States of America
  4. NOTE:when did he live? + pictures!!!!!!!!