Benjamin Franklin

external image Benjamin_Franklin_engraving.jpg


    1. Fireman
      1. Set up the first firehouse in Philadelphia.
      2. Organized Fire Fighting clubs in 1736.
    2. Literary Aspirations
      1. Became a printer for a newspaper at age 12.
      2. In 1729 he became the owner of the Pennsylvania Gazette.
      3. In 1732 he founded the Poor Richards Almanac.
    3. Life
      1. Wrote for his brother’s newspaper secretly under the name Silence Dogood so no one would know who wrote it.
      2. He ran away to Philadelphia to start his own newspaper called Poor Richard’s Almanac.
      3. He was a Founding Father of The United States of America.
      4. He did scientific research.


Ben Franklin helped to modernize America. With his many inventions such as the stove, eye glasses, and the fire department he saved many lives and made many lives easier.