The Cheshire Cat-By Claudia-Rose


The Cheshire Cat is a fictional character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. He is mostly known for his making of mischief and his devious grin.

The Significance-Deeper Meaning

Cheshire is sometimes considered a villain due to his tendency to get Alice into trouble throughout the story. However he is also thought to be a helpful character when he assists Alice to where she needs to go and fills her in on the rules of Wonderland. But in terms of film, Cheshire is classified as a Disney Villain. Cheshire has a delirious, smart-mouthed way of behaving and shows Alice that her home-all about propriety and facts- isn't the real world. He acts also as a guide in the sense of not only teaching Alice the ways of Wonderland, but by putting her through trials and ordeals that help her learn as well as struggle.

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