The Cheshire cat is the cat from Alice in Wonderland. He also teachers Alice threwout the story the rules and laws of Wonderland, teaching them maily threw sarcasm and confusing Alice when they talk to eachother.The cat is purple with pink stripes and has the ability to turn sertain parts of his body invisiable. Most of the time the cat only leave behind the grin befor it dissaperas as well.Some say that the charecter " the Chersire cat" came from Chesire , from a painter who had paintined grinning lions of giant posters.
The cat is symbolic of how wired and mad everyone is in Wonderland. Cheshire cat also is the symbol of the laws and rules through the land. When it disappears is symbolic of how you never know what to expect in Wonderland even with the laws and that anything can happen in Wonderland.

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