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English I Allusion Assignment:
Task: Research your item and create an informative wiki page on your topic/person including:
1. Several visuals
2. A detailed explanation of your item. What is it? Background information about it, etc.
3. The significance/deeper meaning behind the item
4. Works cited – at least three different sources (This should be the last part of the document)
Other students in the class will be viewing these pages, so it is crucial that they are accurate, well-organized, and elaborate.
The rubric for how this assignment will be graded is on the back of this sheet.
1. Go to http://cravenenglish.wikispaces.com/
2. On the left side, select your class:
a. Per. 3 = F451 Allusions per. 3
b. Per. 4 = F451 Allusions per. 4
c. Per. 8 = F451 Allusions per. 8
3. Next, select your topic (such as Benjamin Franklin)
4. This should take you to a fresh wiki page. You may need to click the “edit” button. This is your wiki page for this assignment.